I am 17 years old and i have been getting HORRIBLE headaches everyday for about 2 years now. There's no knowing at what time they will come or where on my head they will be either. The spots where I get my headaches can be anywhere; my forehead, my temples, the bottom of the back of my head into my neck even. Sometimes I get them behind my eyes, but i've only had about two or three headaches behind my eyes. I've had CAT scans and everything is normal. I eat healthy and am decently active, seeing as I'm still in high school and do a lot of running around throughout everyday.
My headaches, when they come, inable me to do easy tasks like walking straight, even opening my eyes. I usually take about 4-5 Ibprofen when i get a splitting headache. They go away sometimes throughout the day but most of the time I'm stuck with them. Even when I go to sleep after I take medicine, i hope that it will go away, but it seems that i wake up and i'm right where i left off.
My father has had Icepicks before, and i guess he said his were bad but he didnt get them everyday and most definitely not as bad as I get mine. He doesnt get Icepicks anymore.
When I feel a headache coming on, I can pinpoint where it hurts the most. My headaches come without warning in about 30 seconds to a min. I usually wince from the excrucciating pain and almost double over. It usually hurts to see when I get one. I do wear contacts but I am pretty good at taking them out so I dont see how my eyes would be causing a headache.

Please, can someone PLEASE give me some help??
It would be very much appreciated!