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Hi, im 16 years old going to be seventeen in a few days.
Iv been smoking weed for about 9 months every single day and i would have considered myself to be a heavy user. I would smoke alot of weed a day, probably averaging out to a gram or more a day and i would also smoke hash and hash oil sometimes. i would smoke out of everything possible to smoke out of so you get the picture.
The day i stopped close to 24 hours after i started getting these really anoying pains in the back of my head on both sides, sometimes they would go close to the front of my head and to the temples and the rare time behind me eyes. the pain was mild to moderate for the first week but now its going to be four weeks tomorrow and im still getting them. The amount of times i get them a day has slowed down and the pain is usualy always mild. and im still getting bad dreams and weird dreams which may be affecting my sleep. I dont know if these headaches are because of the withdrawal or if it is something seriouse. The pain is simular to tension headaches but the pain is never on both sides at the same time. It will be on the lower back left side of my head then might jump to the upper right back side of my head after a few minutes and i usualy just rub it to get rid of it for a few seconds then it comes back. I ocasionly get a ringing in my ear that lasts like 3-10 seconds and goes away but it doesnt happen often, i also have TMJ. but i never had these headaches until the day i stopped smoking.

Any advice on what they might be? I will also note that i have no nausia or pretty much any other symptom, just these anoying mild pains


Hi i recenlty just came of cannabis after long use.. i wasnt very heavy as in morning afternoon night... just usually just the evening for me..

Afetr 3 weeks of stopping i had a panic attack and had totally scattered thought as in i just could not concentrate etc... This happened last thurday and now i feel possibly 80% my normal self.... i would recomend that you detox.. i had a friend who has been helping monitor my process.. he came of cannabis and had to take months of beta blockers which in turn will lead to an addiction on those and then you have to ween yourself of them.... as i say he was a crazy scizo for months and not his normal self for a good while... he is now 100% normal so that is ok :-D

But i had sympotms come up on thurday and now they have more or less gone... i never had any headache at all.. but read other posts on this subject and the withdrawal process many might have already had similar to you... my detox included green tea... multi vitamin .. + extra vitamin b3 and saunas... plus a little exercise etc and a healthy balanced diet of fruit and veg.

So back to my detox dont take too much of the vitamin b3 becuase i took my normal tablet of vit b3(niacin) after tea ready to go for a suana and next thing i had skin rash all on my face neck back and chest.. aperently too much causes this!! i thought i was having a relapse! but it has woked ggod for me.. try some of the ingrediets listed above for recovery...

If you read some of the other forums or search the net it says that the THC hides as fat in your body and you need to get rid of the fat etc... that is what the vit b3 what really good for apperently... BUT good luck!! your syptoms will pass i thought i was going to stay like that for weeks.. but it was really more like 5 days or so..

keep posting to let people know how you get on.. there should be more awerness of cannabis withdrawal!


What happened with your headaches? I get the same thing! Constant + mild all day everyday. I just thought it was because I hate work so much haha
I've been getting the ringing sound too when I lay in bed trying to sleep?
Please write back!