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I've been having pain in my abdoman under the right breast near my ribs. I had an ultrasound of my abdoman and it showed an enlarged r kidney. My doc then sent me to have a ct with contrast. It has shown an enlarged r kidney. Blood tests are normal, creatine is good. What could this be?



Enlarged kidneys can be caused by several things. There is chance that you might have cysts on your kidney that are causing your kidney to get enlarged. However this can also be caused by diet. Have you changed anything in your diet in past  several weeks that might influence the work of you kidneys? Sometimes the best thing to do is to alter your diet in more healthy and you will notice positive changes in several days. Have you been drinking alcohol a lot? Many times alcohol can have very negative effect on your kidneys. It makes you blood much thinner and it give hard time to your kidneys to filter the blood. I hope this helped a bit.