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About six Months ago i was punched in the right eye . My eyebrow was cut open it required 6 stitches to close the laceration, but i think the tissue or nerve was damaged, so now it appears as if my right eye is bigger .

Would plastic surgery fix this or will it go back to normal after a while ?

Thank you[/img]


Do you believe that your eye is bigger or you are sure that something has changed after you were punched? Did your doctor, after removing the stitches notice anything and did he mention anything?  I think that he should notice anything weird such as different size of the eye.  So maybe this is just temporary and it looks like your eye is different size because of the scar which is probably still visible. How long has it been since removing the stiches? And when will you see your doctor regarding regular check up?


If the situation doesn’t change by then and he still doesn’t say anything than try to point out what is bothering you.  Keep us posted and good luck.