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Hi so I'm 16 and only weight about 89 pounds and in my breast there are these circle sort of things in them. And it kinda feels likes lumps when you are feeling them back and forth. one I am sure is bigger than the other when I told my mom that she said it that way cause one looks to be sitting different from the other. okay and on my breast there are like little dry patches of skin sort of and little bumps they itch all the time I'm wonder if I should be worried but I do have eczema(I don't know how to spell) I'm just like worries about cancer.... now my breast aren't big barely anything cause I wear a 34 a in children's bra bit is there anything to be worried


The dry patches could be eczema, and the lumps you are feeling could be the normal breast tissue, but is is difficult to give a diagnosis over the internet regarding possible cancer.

Breasts are often different from each other, but I recommend you see a health professional for proper advice. Where do you live?