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My left testicle has a little bump at the top.And whenever i touch it there is a pain.So I need some help.Thank So Much.




Well, Ryan, only a doctor can help you, you know that don’t you! Any lump found on the body should be checked.

Now, you didn’t say anything about this bump. There is a difference if you could feel it attached to the testicle or coming out of the scrotum. If it were on scrotum, then it could be an ordinary pimple, an ingrown hair that may hurt and sebaceous cyst that usually doesn’t hurt unless inflamed. If sebaceous cyst got inflamed it would be red, swollen and tender.

If the bump is arising fro the testicle, it could be a spermatocele, tiny cyst situated on epididymis, that contains cells of dead sperm and that is harmless. It can only hurt if it gets bigger and if cloths were touching it. Another possible reason is an anatomical bump from epididymis, this tube that lies on the testicle. The tube itself is bumpy.

Every lump should be inspected to rule out tumors.