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Hello i just went to a doctor to get my testicles checked about 3 months ago. he said there was no problem even though i feel consistent pain in the area. maybe like 2-3 times a week. The pain isnt a a problem for my personally but the i felt a weird bump.. kinda like a small speed bump if i were to discribe it.... can this be benign. if not is it common on a testicle?


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If the bump is on a testicle itself, it needs to be checked. It may not be cancer, it could be a spermatocele, a benign cyst that forms on top of the epididymis, a tube attached to the testicle.

However, you need an urologist to feel the lump and say if you need further testing or if this could be just an antomical bump, or a spermatocele.

Tumors should be ruled out, so don't post pone the examination.