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I recently noticed a small lump, as small as a dime in my scrotum. It's nearly impossible to get ahold of, it always slips away, but I do catch glimpses of it. It seems to be atop the testicle or on the epididymis. It's not attached to the testicle for it moves along side it. It's almost as if it's attached by a little string.

It's kind of hard. Seems as though it might be full of liquid. It's not a really hard lump.

In the shower this morning I decided to give myself as a testicle test. The left one was a normal oval, easy to feel, no lumps or abnormalities. The second one felt bigger, as if the veins or tubes were swollen. But not that bad, it's hardly noticeable with the eye itself. It felt normal, except the top of it felt a tad larger.

I looked in the mirror and the left one hung freely, and the right one seemed to be rised a little more and not hanging as freely, as if that side of the scrotum was full of liquids, or swollen veins, or anything.

I've read and it seems to be a spermatocele. It causes me pain only when I pick at it, but other than that I get a dull ache every month or so. Nothing serious.

What does is it sound like to you?

I'd really like a response to this. I never seem to get any whenever I post on this website.

Thanks in advance,


Well, it reminds me of three things....spermatocele like you said, varicocele (swollen veins due to backed up blood within veins above the testicle that usually affects the left one), or an anatomical bump that may be normally present on epididymis.

No, to tell the differents you need to be checked by an urologist and possibly have an ultrasound but they could usually tell just by touching. It should be checked by a specialist..any lump needs to be checked...remember that!!!!