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hi im 16 in my when i feel my left testicle it is all good but when i feel my right one it feels lumpy it doesnt show on my skin i can only feel it in my testicles


Since it feels lumpy, meaning several lumps, what you are feeling are probably normal anatomical lumps. Testicles are oval but both testicles have tubes attached to their back and on top. These tubes are called epididymis and they are very long tubes, around 5-7 meters, but they are just curled up and they are lumpy. Their function is to store sperm before it is ejaculated. Sometimes, a small cyst may form on epididymis. They are called spermatocele. They are harmless, rarely cause any symptoms, and are usually left as they are they. They can be removed but it is done only if they start causing discomfort.
These cysts contain milky fluid and dead sperm cells, so they are nothing to worry about.

If you are still confused about what you may be feeling, you could always see an urologist and have it checked there or find a pic of normal looking testicles and see if your lump resembles normal variants.