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Hi, im a 15 year old and i noticed that i have a small bump on my left testicle that never hurts nor aches. It has been there for quiete a while and i am kind of concerned that there might be something wrong with it. It is about the size of a pea, and i am kind of scared so i would like to know if i have anything to worry about?


Could you exactly describe where this lump was? Can you make a difference if it were a part of testicle, scrotum or situated on the epididymis, a tube that lies on top and at the back of the testicle.

Because what you may be feeling is a normal testicular variant. Epididymis is a very long tube, curled up and has lumps on its surface.
If the bump is a part of the scrotum (skin sac that keeps the testicles), then it is probably a pimple or an ingrown hair or something like that.
However, it could also be a testicular mass if it arouse from the testicle itself.

Doctors say that all lumps should be investigated to prevent possible complications.