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Have recently discovered a lump on my left testicle. The lump is white and i can see it through my scrotum. It is attached to the testicle but can slide over the surface of it, so not attached in one place but not free floating...kind of like in a bag over the testicle. The lump is about 3mm across and feels hard.

Didnt see any other posts with this kind of problem and was just wondering what it was. Cheers.


Well, it could be spermatocele. A spermatocele is a lump on epididymis, which is a tube attached to the testicle that stores sperm. Epididymis extends from the bottom to the top of the tesicle, so I reckon that a cyst could be anywhere. A cyst on spermatocele contains dead sperm cells and other liquids and shows as a lump on scrotum.

It is not painful and shouldn’t cause any trouble but just an appearance is awkward and uncomfortable.

In case where it causes no trouble, it is usually left alone but if it becomes bothersome, it could be drained but if your lump is only 3mm and I can’t really figure out.

Have you seen an urologist?