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I have had irregular periods early on for years and they have been regular now for many years.. I have never been pregnant and had large cyst removed and right ovary last year. I am 31 and engaged not using birth control or havent been.. I have many health problems such as: high bp.. Thyroid disease.. Congestive heart failure.. Diabetes 2 uncontrolled.. Just to name a few and take many meds.. I have had no period a little over month.. Left back pain.. Nausea.. Lost of appetite.. Severe headaches.. Sore breast and vaginal cramps slightly but no blood.. I took a test days ago negative? Im wondering with all this going on could I be or even get pregnant?? Help!


Hi Lost,

If you have one functioning ovary and a healthy uterus then yes you can get possibly get pregnant.  More tests would be needed to be definitive.

Some of your symptoms are not specific to pregnancy.

How late are you?  If more than a week to 10 days repeat the test.  Be sure to use your first morning (wakeup) urine.  It is more concentrated so more liable to give an accurate result.

If you are more than 2-3 weeks late you may want to check with your doctor.

Good luck.