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My period was due on May 1st or May 2nd and I have yet to receive it. I experienced some spotting around my ovulation time (not sure if it was during ovulation or right before.) It occurred April 16-18.

I did have unprotected sex (pull out method--yes i know) a few times this month. After I experienced the spotting, I was worried that I could be pregnant. 

I took a pregnancy test on April 24 and it was negative, but I figured that it may be too soon to tell. I took another one on April 28 and it was also negative. I took one again today that was negative as well.

I am assuming that at this point I am not pregnant and that my late period is due to stress from finishing up school and this pregnancy scare.

What are the chances that I am still pregnant despite 3 negative pregnancy tests? Should I take another one?


Hi Sunshine,

3 days late is not a cause for concern.  Sometimes you can just be late.

You need to wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex before the test will be accurate.  Also, be sure to use your first morning - wakeup - urine.  It's more concentrated (darker) so there would be more hCG, the hormone the tests look for, per volume of urine.

Hope it helps.



Still not period, as well as no symptoms. I will test again soon.