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I'm 16, I've been on birth control for only 11 days now since my last cycle. Today was my first day having sex. Earlier today I noticed some brown discharge a few hours before sex. I didn't really think anything of it. When I got home from school I was home alone with my boyfriend, things started to heat up and one thing lead to another and then he was inside me with no condom on. After a minute or so I told him to pull out and put a condom on... So he did but I noticed that before he when in he had some pre ejaculation on the tip of his penis. I wanted to know if it is possible for me to become pregnant? Even though I know the pre cum should not have contained sperm because he has not ejaculated in weeks. I wanted to know if any one else has gone through this or if I could get pregnant from this?


It is possible, but I'd say there's only a very small chance of it happening.
Just wait until your next period is due, if it doesn't come as usual, get a pregnancy test or see your doctor.

And don't be so impatient next time, not matter how 'hot' things are getting! Remember pregnancy isn't the only thing you can catch through unprotected sex.