Hey ! So long story short: I had a medical abortion 2 months ago. Now I had sex with my boyfriend on my Fertile (not ovulation) day. The thing is we used condoms but before he would put condom on , he penetrated me for maximum 5-10 seconds, when he pulled out to put condom on, I saw fluid (probably pre-cum, definitely not Cum) on his p____s.. Then after couple of minutes he pulled out and we noticed that condom wasn't there anymore, it got stuck inside of me. He did NOT cum , we noticed that condom got stucked before he would cum.. BUT when i took the condom out i saw that there were LOT of thick, white ''fluid'' around it... I asked my boyfriend million times if he came but he said no.. So I'm really scared and I want to know my chances of pregnancy ,since I don't wanna get pregnant anymore... as I've said, I used a protection (only Condoms, im not on BC) I'm just scared of ''stucked'' condom and also of the fact that before putting the condom on he was inside of me... Any advices/help/ideas ? My period is due to next week ( 7 days) but I'm freaking out... Thank you in advance! 

Kind regards