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I'm a 15 year old Guy, and I'm curious about the opinions towards school rules involving pregnacy.
So, we've got a semi-strict dress code. Either collared shirts, or hoodies. Nothing else. And no jeans, hats, bandanas, etc.
But, if you become pregnant, you are void from the dress code.

Now here comes the part that really irritates me.
My friend has some problem (forgot the specifics, though nothing life threating), where his hair falls out in clumps.
He wanted to wear a plain red cap on his head, to avoid embarassment.
He was not permitted to wear the hat, though half his hair is missing.

Do you think this is right?
Girls can freely violate the dress code, just because of some accident, or just because they can't keep their legs together,

But my friend can't wear a hat due to some unavoidable disease.


Kiddo's, there is a reason that the school cannot do anything about a pregnant teenager. While the situation itself could've been avoided, schools have been sued for a common practice that they used to do. Even up till 1993, pregnant mothers were forced to leave their normal high schools, even if they weren't bringing their babies to school and had support groups, and forced to take "adult education" classes. Obviously, this jeopardizes the girls attempts to complete a normal education and hinders them later in life in many ways.

As far as your friend, and the hat, this is his parents battle. If he has a medically documented disease, then they need to bring this up to the school board. Cancer patients are given leeway on matters such as this, and if his parents bring in medical proof for the reason of the hair loss, then they need to fight the school.

Wish you the best. Also, please realize something, when a teenager gets pregnant, do not place all of the blame on girl, it takes 2 and there had to be a boy in the mix somewhere who didn't do what he was supposed to as well. Often these girls had sex for various reasons, usually the lack of something in their lives. Their lives as teen parents is already going to be difficult, try not to make it harder.

~ImmortalOne, a former teen mother


My children go to a Catholic School that has a uniform. Plus, only white sock that go over the ankle and white shoes with no name lables. Hats and jewelery (except a cross on a small chain) are not permitted. Boys hair must be cut over the ears with only the natural colors. Girls are not allowed to highlight their hair and it must be worn in a normal fashion that does not standout.

The reason for this and the reason public schools are going to dress codes are so that the students have less distractions. Some of the public schools here also have a uniform. Many parents and students like this idea. Those that can't afford name brand items fit in better. Plus, with less attention being paid on clothes, make-up ... etc., more focus is placed on learning.

As for the pregnant girls. There is less to choose from with Marternity Clothing. You can find things, but they are very expensive in specialty shops. Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and stores like them just don't have much of a selection. With the expense of a pregnancy and up coming cost of a newborn, clothes for the Mom-To-Be should makeup the least of the budget. For this reason, I am sure that is why considerations were taken to lesson the dress code for pregnent girls.

For your friend, I do feel that a hat or head covering should be allowed. A friend of mine, many years ago made the same choice to cover her head as well. The school allowed this for her only and it was the right decision. As the above post says, your friends parents just need to show a medical reason. If that does not work, you and your friends can show support. Make sure it is peaceful and that your friend does mind the extra attention being paid to him and his cause. I am sure that a local new report would do the trick. Just call up your local news station and advise them of the situation. This is the type if community story that they would go for and a school board hates nothing more than a negative press. You might even be able to just write a letter to the school board letting them know if a change is not made then the students will go to the local news stations and papers. Let them know that you don't want and overall change in policy, just when it is concerning a medical reason like this that could greatly help a child self-confidence.


alrigth kiddos blamming girls for getting pregnant isnt helping much at all...
i am a 15 year old girl pregnant because i screwed up. but i am in a relationship with the guy and i have been with him for
awhile now... but my old school doesnt even allow girls to be pregnant. and we all have to go to an alternative school.
so if u dont like the school rules then simply switch out of school to another insted of complainning about it.