So for almost 2 weeks I've had a single, painless, slightly swollen lymph node under my chin to the right and swollen taste buds at the back of my tongue. First I noticed the swollen lymph node, no other symptoms like sore throat or stuffy nose with it. 2 days later I got a weird sensation in the back of my throat as if something was stuck there. I looked in the mirror with a flashlight and noticed that those large bitter taste buds on the back of my tongue were swollen. I've been to three different doctors. One thought maybe just irritation with the lymph node and gave me a steroid dose pack. Nothing. The next doctor thought maybe bacterial infection and prescribed amoxicillan. Still taking it and still nothing. Not worse, just not getting better. Just saw another doctor today who said possibly a viral infection and prescribed me acyclovir, because she wasn't really sure. Also said to try probiotic yogurts, fish oil, and vitamin D, so I guess she's just making assumptions. I'm not sexually active nor have I shared any drinks or anything with anyone lately. I've also heard that the first outbreak is supposed to be quite extreme and painful. However, mine don't hurt. I had a couple days spread apart where my tongue in general was hurting like it would if I've been eating junk and have canker sores. Otherwise, its just annoying with the "something stuck in throat feeling" still there and the lymph node still being swollen. Anyone have oral herpes or know anything about them? Can they be this minor in nature or are they usually pretty painful and unsightly, because whatever this is its neither.