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3 weeks ago I was getting a physical and the doctor noticed swollen lymph nodes right under my jaw. 2 weeks ago I went to my family doctor with a high fever. I had a sore throat and coughing. Also some sinus congestion. After the physical I became worried and started feeling around my neck I noticed on both side my neck below my jaw the nodes were very swollen and painful. Then on the right side of my neck there were two swollen lymph nodes very hard and very painful to touch. After that I noticed my supraclavicular lymph node on the right side started to swell and become painful aswell. I'm worried about this because I noticed online that this isnt a good sign to have this node swollen. The doctor felt the lymph nodes and prescribed me with antibiotics because I tested positive for streptococcus and tonsilitus. I was also tested for mono twice and the results were both negative. I was also prescribed prednisone for the swelling in my lymph nodes. I went back for a checkup and the doctor said that the swelling seemed like it was going down so I should have no worries. The swelling is going down but sometimes will come back especially under my jaw right around when I wake up or if I touch it. The supraclavicular lymph node on the right side is now a pea size and mobile with no pain really. It was once a bean size and was painful. My other symptoms include some abdominal pain and that's about it. I have no fatigue or night sweats or anything like that. No appetite lose. I am 17 and was wondering what I should do about this. The doctor said it can take some time for lymph nodes to return to size but I cant help but to worry.


I have the sme problem,  right side of neck --from ear to shoulder

Last night I out ice pack on it for abount 2-hrs, It felt better and I was able to get to sleep.

This AM, It is still sore and hurts when I move my head from side to side.


does Ice help or hurt?

How about heat pad?