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Hey, I had a sore throat/cold thing for about a week, just over 3 weeks ago. As it was healing a noticed a small lump near to my Adams apple, pea sized, moveable and only a little painful after moving about etc

From everything I've read it sounds like a lymph node...would you say that's the case?

It's still there now, and the right gland right under my jawbone now seems a little swollen, and my right ear is also a little painful.

I seem to get alot of colds/flu and quite frequently have swelling or enlarged glands during them, sometimes under the armpit. I also had mumps about a year ago and have sinus problems which are flaring up due to hayfever season starting.

I also do a lot of singing, like shrieking along to my music really loudly sometimes for over an hour, and I do no "vocal warm ups" or anything. Could this be a cause?

I'm always thirsty, and my mouth/throat is dry all the time, but I've had that checked out before and even had blood tests which always come back clear...

Finally, a number of years ago a had a similar pea sized bump in my right testicle, which I got checked out and was told it was fine, it's still there now, it's probably been atleast 8 years and caused no problems.

I had a doctors appointment booked this morning but I overlaid...damn. Would you reccommend booking another one, or does it just sound like a common node?

Thanx for any help/advice!


Of course you have to check it out with the doctor and hear what s/he has to say about it, I guess it’s just the matter of some inflammation according to the swollen lymph nodes which the most often occur in neck, armpits and groin. The cause is usually some viral or bacterial infection or these could swell due to allergic, arthritis, cancer, hyperthyroiditis etc. In your case it could be due to hayfever, I believe this could be the cause. The swollen lymph nodes become tender when there is some inflammation in your body, they indicate a problem, there may even be some more serious underlying cause. When the lymph nodes swell, they are tender as long as the inflammation is present, but as soon as it goes away, they should go back to their normal size. If the swollen nodes are persistent and last for more than a month, you should check it out with the doc. If the nodes start interfering with breathing, swallowing or moving your neck, you must ask for a medical help as well.