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Hi all,
I have found out from my doctor that I have got Osgood schlatter's disease after about 2.5 years of lots of pain and she said I would just grow out of it. This was just over half a year ago and i know it takes time but i would like a fast solution that i can do my self without drugs. If there are any natural solutions can you please share them. Thanks.


Im not an expert.. But I had some serious knee pain that I went to see a doctor and physiotherapist about. I didnt have osgoods but just serious knee pain... the physio therapist told me just to do do lots of stretching that you hold for at least 30 seconds and start doing some really light weight training in a gym.... make sure you have proper technique and form or you can make it worse... at first I would just suggest doing some squats without anyweight (but google how to do it with good form) but make sure you stretch lots at least twice a day that way you increase flexability and by weight training you increase the strength of your legs

as you build size and flexibility in your legs, it moves it knee cap slightly away from the joint and decreases the amount of pain