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Hey guys. I have nasty and recurring problem with pinched nerve in C7. It's causing incredible pain from shoulder to elbow, numbness in the fingers of the right hand, as well as in tricep. This is the third time in 8 months I am trying to recover and it's annoying. However I might have noticed the pattern. This happens each time when I increase the weights of my squats. My doctor was vague about the cause telling me that these things just happen. I'm suspecting that barbell across my neck and shoulder area could be causing this. If I'm right, should I just reposition the barbell lower, or try an entirely different form of squats?


Hi. You can avoid this by lowering the weight.Also, make the squat more dependent on your legs rather than flexing your hip-area. Also, do some hip flexor exercises. Lying leg press is good. Use just enough weight to compress your legs. Hold for about 30 seconds, and repeat 2 or 3 sets. Also you can do the following. While sitting on the floor bring a bent leg until it's horizontal (90 degrees). Gently hold and simultaneously pull up on the foot while you push down on the knee. Do this very gently all the time. I would also recommend you to visit your doctor, especially if the pain lasts. Pinched nerve can be really nasty problem. Good luck!