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I'm 19 years old, I've started going to the gym in september and had great results - gained 10kg and I generally started feeling much better, and I hoped that would only be the beginning. I cared about my form.


About 3 months ago I feelt pain in my knees when walking for the first time, this was a few weeks after I started doing squats, so I assumed it's their fault and stopped doing legs completely - knee pain never went away.


Month later my shoulders started to hurt, surprisingly the pain started in my right shoulder, healed in a week or so, then came for my left shoulder. At this point i stopped going to the gym because there were almost no excersises that wouldn't hurt and I didn't want to make it worse.


Since then it's been crazy. Random joints started to hurt. I had/have pain in my wrists, elbows, knees, shoulders, ankles, hips and knuckles. The joint that is currently in pain seems to switch overnight, I can go to sleep with pain in my left shoulder and wake up with pain completely elsewhere.


I've been to all relevant doctors in my town, took about 3 different kinds of medicine, had 3 blood and urine tests (everything was perfect on those). I've been taking collagen supplements for 1,5 months now. Nothing works and the pain seems to get stronger to the point where I have trouble with usual daily chores.


I guess I should describe the pain - it hurts when I bend the joints or lift things(not even heavy things). It's not a very strong pain most of the time, but it's very depressing to be reminded about it a 100 times every day.


2 months ago the middle finger of my right hand got swollen and despite drugs (two different types of cream) the swelling never went away and that finger still hurts more than others. This made me suspect lupus, but with joint pain and swelling being only one of 11 symptoms (I don't have the other 10) of lupus, I dropped that.


Another symptom I have along with the pain is joint cracking. I know joints are supposed to crack a bit (my knees always did this when I kneeled) but right now the cracking is constant and I think these conditions must be related. My elbows, wrists and knuckles almost never cracked, but they started at the same time when they started to hurt:


-wrists crack (painfully) everytime I "roll" them counter-clockwise, and when I straighten out my hand after bending it straight down (to make a L shape with my hand and forearm). When this happens it's by far the worst pain I had during all this and it feels VERY wrong. It's like multiple small cracks happening almost instantly

-elbows crack sometimes when I quickly stretch my arms out forward. This hasn't happened before the pain, I'm 100% sure. If I take a broomstick and "bench press" it, at least one of my elbows will crack (painfully) every couple "reps".

-knuckles, especially the ones "closer to the fingernails". They will crack all the time, like they never did before. For example, as I'm writing this my fingers are stretched out, if I stop and make a fist, some knuckles will crack. Doesn't hurt but feels weird.

-other joints crack as well, but that's less unusual so I won't make this even longer.


I hope I haven't went overboard on the lenght of this post. Thanks for reading/help and please tell me if I missed some important bits of information. 

Also, a common suggestion I've heard is that it's because of bad form/improper warmups/adding weight too quickly at the gym. I firmly believe that's not the case as the pain continues after 3 months without gym and only my shoulders and knees hurt at the time when I stopped training. 

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I would go to a osteo or physio had similar thing on both my shoulders, was interesting to see the cause of the problem was my hips and tendon that sits near my shoulder blade. One of mine is playing up again, also stretching after work outs really does help