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I had a tummy tuck on 2/2/10 and am feeling great. I am wondering when I can start doing any form of tummy exercises and what kind? I am taking 2 cruises this summer and want to be stunning!

Thanks for any help in the area,


What did you doctor tell you? They usually give you a timeframe before you can begin to exercise you core again.

In the meantime, work on your cardio. Keep it light until your doctor tells you it's OK.

When you do start again, you do need to work out your whole body. Squats and lunges are great. Consider using a stability ball. Many exercises on it does give you strength training through the use of your body weight. The jackknives on the ball is a great one. Works abs, back, arms and I think legs. Get down like you are going to do pushups, but put your feet on top of the ball. Roll your feet forward on the ball until they reach your chest (or as close to it as possible) Do that 10 times. Make sure you use weight resistance training as well.

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Good luck.

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dont go against the nature .....try doin it by exercise or drink loads of water ....i hav lost my flabs by this .....