My father age is 57, last two months he is suffering from backpain(ABOVE KIDNEY)... He consulted to orthopedic He references to Big hospital their examined blood test urine test and whole body scan. So, finally they have give report that having PAGET'S bone disease. But doctor told us that it is cancer. There is no remedy for that. but he not refered to CANCER department. He only refered to ORTHOPEDIC Department. He told us there is no remedy he suggested some pain killer tablets.

I would to confirm bellow mentioned queries:

1. Is pagets is a cancer or not..?
2. How to confirm pagets disease or CANCER what are methods(tesings) for confirming disease.?
3. What is remedy for this..?
4. Why it will come...?
5. What is the life span period...?(now he is 57 yrs.)
6. Is it not possible to remove the bone by operation and keeping steel rod..?
7. Whom should we meet(this kind of disease comes in which department)..? orthopedic or cancer.
8. What are the Hospitals in INDIA..?
9. Is it hairedatary..?
10. What are the suggestion in taking the food...?
11. Is the disease will effected to other bone..?
12. Actually the PAGETS disease is caused for increasing the size of bone or decreasing the size of bone..? or both cases...?
13. If it is decreasing the bone .. wat is the perfect remedy...? and whom should we meet..?