Hi folks,

This may be a bit long. I've been suffering from "benign" aneurmysal bone cyst in my left tibia since December last year. I've had two surgeries to remove it, the first in Janaury this year and the second, when it came back and spread into my muscle, in August of this year. After my second surgery I lost function of my foot due to muscle and nerve damage. I've gained a bit back but still have to wear a brace to walk. Well, the "cyst" has come back again and spread into my lower tibia (it was in the upper portion before) and the surrounding muscle and soft tissue. My orthopedic oncologist is skeptical about the original diagnosis of a benign aneurmysal bone cyst and believes that it could be malignant tumor, apparently even with pathology reports sometimes theya re misdiagonised as an aneurmysal bone cyst. He thinks this because mine has come back three times this year, which is basically unheard of for an aneurymysal cyst and it has spread, which is also not characteristic of it. I'm really scared that I've had cancer for a year and haven't even known. I always feel sick but I have so many other health conditions (benign liver tumor, benign colon polyps, IBS) I'd have no way to tell if anything was really wrong aside from my leg pain which I thought was from a benign bone cyst that I keep having surgery on.

I go in for surgery next week. I'm being admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, to have catheter embolization done (they inset a tube through my groin area down to the lesion and block blood flow) and am having surgery to remove it on Thursday.

I'm fearful that I'm going to wake up from my surgery next week and they are going to tell me it's osteosarcoma or other type of bone cancer. Has anyone dealt with anything like this before? What did you do? I'm only 23, I have a two year old daughter...I start graduate school for my M.A. in Public History in August. I guess everything just seems surreal to me, I'm used to dealing with the pain because I've had two surgeries on this thing and most of my leg is already cement and I can't even use my foot anymore because my muscles are so weakened from it but the idea that it could be cancer scares the c**p out of me.

Thanks for everything in advance folks, I'm just looking for people who have been through something like this.