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We've been married for a couple weeks and were both virgins when we married. The first time didn't hurt at all for me. Into our honeymoon, I think I ended up tearing a little bit and after several sessions in one day I got a little sore but we just held off awhile and then I was good to go again the next day. I was fine two days ago but last night I started having pretty bad pain during intercourse. I am still somewhat tight so what we've been doing is having him slowly enter me, building up to going deeper in missionary position and then switching to a different position. But last night he could not go very deep at all without it hurting and finally we just stopped because it didn't seem to be getting better. The pain was inside is I guess where the PC muscles are. I also had a bit of burning at the vaginal opening. Afterward we took a shower and I noticed I had quite a bit of vulvar itching. I have also been extremely tired the last couple of days. I haven't really had any discharge but I'm wondering if this could be a yeast infection? I have been somewhat prone to yeast infections before but I've always self-diagnosed them due to the itching and a bit of discharge. I am right at ovulation right now so I'm not sure if that is causing the pain or if it might be a yeast infection. I usually don't have tons of discharge with a yeast infection but this time the only discharge seems like cervical rather than due to an infection. Anyone have thoughts?

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GO TO THE DOCTOR TO GET CHECKED!!!! these are signs and symptoms of STDs. plus, it never hurts to be checked.