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Hi! I am 17 years old and female. I am on birth control pills and have been using them for a year or so. Recently I began having sex with a new boyfriend and I am experiencing pain.

(My ex-boyfriend and I had intercourse for about 6 months. We used condoms and bcp. Once or twice we just relied only on the bcp. I never experienced severe pain (difficulty walking, burning after urination, throbbing pain or a "bruised" feeling), but once in awhile I had a light aching, no worries.)

But with my new boyfriend, I have been having severe pain. Penetration hurts (but I dont stop having sex). Afterwards I have incredible pain that burns and makes it difficult to stand or walk. I have to urinate badly; but it burns so badly that I begin to cry. I keep feeling like I have to urinate, but I dont. The aching and "bruised" feeling continues for hours, but by a day later I am fine. A night or two later when we begin to have sex again, the same thing occurs!!

We aren't using condoms (this is new for me) but we do use a water-based lubricant (We thought the lubricant would stop the pain, but its not!). I looked up a couple of things, and was wondering what all of this could be (allergies to semen, std, infection, urination problems, just bruising/injury, emotions ??).

I also want to make note that right after we began having sex I got a yeast infection (I concluded this after internet-research due to redness, itchiness, burning and change in discharge) and used a 3-day Miconazole Nitrate Suppositories. You are not supposed to have sex when on this product. I used the suppositories for 3 consecutive nights (as directed) and then the 4th night we had intercourse. (Could this be causing my pain?)

Also, today is my second sugar-pill of the last week of my bcp now I usually have my period or at least have cramping. I have no cramps and no bleeding. Is pregnancy possible?; Could this be linked to the intercourse pain?

To conclude, I really need some advice or help on what to do or what my problem may be. I'd be very very appreciative. I do apologize for a very long message! Thanks for your help and time.


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I'm not the best to respond to this question, but I would think it unusual that you have no pain with one man, but quite a bit with the second.

I'm curious how they relate size-wise, or in technique. That is, is the second boyfriend more rough or thrust more?
Do you have any reason to think that he may be having sex with another person and possibly passing an STI to you?
Are you using condoms regularly?

It is possible that you have an allergy to his brand of condom, or perhaps to his brand of bath soap, or lubricant?

Try changing these things one at a time and see what helps.

I'm not sure that I would have jumped right back into intercourse the night after you finished a three day treatment for a yeast infection.

It's possible that that wasn't the problem! Have you been checked for an STI or STD? That would be high on my list. Also, I'd talk with a medical professional.



You need to go to a doctor plain and simple it is dumb to have sex right after the yeast infection treatment cuz ur prob passing it back and forth if thats what it is. this is why KIDS should not have sex!


You probably have endometriosis - takes 8 years to diagnose on average. Classically it presents with painful sex - but only in some women. Hope you have had a diagnosis by now. If you are still having problems, ask your GP to refer you to a Gynaecologist


whatever happened with this? did you go to a doctor? i have been having the same thing...