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I've been dealing with pain in my right hip off and on for the last year. I'm currently going through another episode. I finally couldn't stand the pain anymore and I went to the doctor. The doctor said its a pulled muscle. She said the muscles in my leg are balled up and spasming. She said I must have fallen which caused the leg muscles to ball up like that. I told her I didn't fall and that I've had the pain in my hip off and on for the last year. She basically blew me off and insisted it was a pulled muscle and gave me painkillers and muscle relaxers then sent me on my way saying I'd feel better in a week.

It's been two weeks and I'm still in a lot of pain. It feels like a deep, down to the bone ache in my hip. The ache used to stay secluded to my hip but this time my right knee and ankle are feeling the same way. The ache is so bad some days; it's excruciating to walk and wakes me up from sleep. If I push myself too hard, (ie: walk for a long time, clean the house, etc) my leg will swell. I can see the swelling in my toes, ankle, knee, and hip. Does this sound like a pulled muscle? Any ideas what it could be?


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Hi there, BlueEyyes.

If you're positive that you didn't fell, can you think of any other situation which could cause pulled muscle?

Maybe you were lifting something heavy or pulling stuff? Or, maybe you injured your muscle during running or some other kind of exercise?

Your symptoms points toward pulled muscle, but medication should already be working though. It may be wise to seek another doctor's opinion. Maybe the first one overlooked something. Meanwhile, use painkillers and muscle relaxers because they can't do any harm. And try with massage and cold compresses.