Hi, I'm 18, female, and I've had this awful pain in my lower abdomen between my pubic bone and my bellybutton. It feels a little like cramps. but I've never felt this amount of pain before. It's right in the middle, not on the side, so it's not appendicitis. I have no nausea aside from the nausea I get when I have the throbbing pain. It's a consistent pain, though it gets better with advil, and sometimes just dulls on its own. I was doubled over yesterday crying, but it's a bit better today, aside from a few little sharp pains here and there. It doesn't burn when I pee, so it's not a UTI.

I recently had sex, and it hurt since he was big, and I'm kind of small. I'm wondering if my cervix maybe became inflamed because of all the pressure being put on it.