I had a lower back fracture last year and my doctor told me I would have to do physical therapy exercises the rest of my life if I want to be able to do everyday things without the pain.  I havent really kept up with the PT so my back always hurts.  That is not my main problem but I wasnt sure if it contributed to the problem im writing about.  Last night around midnight I was laying on my back in bed and I felt this sharp pain shoot from my waist line up to where my ribcage starts on my right side. I the pain was stronger in my abdomen but I also felt it in the right side of my lower back.  It lasted for about 5-10 seconds and went away. It came about every 3 minutes for 20 minutes. Then I fell asleep. This morning it was not as bad and has been less frequent and ive been sitting up and walking around. I dont know if this contributes but i thought i may have had a UTI considering it burned a little to pee. Also, I have to go frequently and i cant hold it for more than a few minutes. I am not sure what this is. Can anyone help