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for the last couple of months I have been suffering with diarrea which my doctor has prescribed fibregel with an anti cramping agent. This helped at first, but now it no longer helps. tonight I am in a lot of pain, scale of 7 out of 10. Its a sharp stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen with a dull ache in my upper left abdomen. I have previously been treated for endometriosis about 4 years ago and have hypothyroidism. I am wondering if either of these illnesses could be an underlying problem, but am also concerned as my mum had this problem around the same age and ended up having a hysterectomy.
My doc ran several blood tests recently but all came back normal.
I'd think I was being paranoid if it weren't for the pain I'm in.
Can anyone offer some advice?


I know this will sound stupid- but i was having same hubby said its probably gas..I thought how stupid is that? Took a gas-x , just to see what would happened..the pain left!So i sat and thought about it...I never really "pass gas" as i hear the family do..not since last few surgeries.. now i take one almost daily. If i feel a stabbing i take another- How silly is that!?!?!? Try it,ya never know.