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I am 41, male.  For a little over a week, I have been experiencing a burning sensation while peeing.  It's been excruciating at times.  Had unprotected sex with two different women 2 and 3 weeks prior to the symptoms.  My initial thoughts were STD or UTI.  My insurance was in lapse so I've had some difficulty getting this treated or seeing my usual doctor.  I went to the ER (I have a basic state insurance for now) and they tested for UTI which came up negative.  Then tested me and treated me for Chlamydia and gonorrhea.  I was given the necessary antibiotics at the hospital.  As it turns out the test results came back negative a few days later.  And the pain persists.

So not a UTI, and not those STDs.  I have no other symptoms except it hurts to get a full erection.  I can feel it in the tip of the urethra, which is where the most pain happens while urinating. 

Certainly could be urethritis and irritation from over masturbation (the sex with those women was long, and then I masturbated a lot without ejaculating for several days after the sex and before the symptoms).  But I feel like it would have healed by now.

The only other thing I can think of from looking at message boards is Trichomoniasis - another STI.  I'm going to call a clinic tomorrow and see if they test for that.

I just wish this would heal, I'm really sick of the pain.  I don't think it's anything prostate or bladder related, I have no other symptoms.  But I'm open to ideas.  Please help.


Turned out to be an irritated, overused, urethra. Or possibly some infection that cleared up on its own. But I think it's the former. Thank god the pain finally went away. Even had sex the other day. Just being a little careful for now.