I'm a 19yr male who's been having problems since last winter, with my testicles. I've been to the doctor and had many ultrasounds.. Every time I'm diagnosed with epidydiymis. So i've had alot of these infections throughout the year! Testicle swelling and pain was the only issue up until late summer. now I've got this cyst-like mass on my right testicle. I've already gotten an ultrasound for it.. and the ultrasound did not detect it as a tumor nor did it show up on the ultrasound in the first place. Doctors said it was due to constant infections and gave me more doxycycline. at that point I had severe bladder, testicle, back, and kidney pain until I'd used the antibiotics. Now for the past week I've been having cramps in various parts of my body, this pressure in my tailbone, back soreness which is eased by lying down. Nausea, bloated feeling, and a burning/stabbing pain in the testicles. I do not know what to think anymore. As for the cyst, it's hard and pebble like, it seems lodged in the testicle and I'm unable to feel it when my testicle swells. Putting pressure on it causes blunt pain and the doctor's believe it to be part of the epydiymis tube-thing.. Any ideas?