Occasionally it stops hurting when I've been to the toilet and had a wee, but when I press in my stomach on that side it feels like somethings bruised maybe? I have no idea what it is. When I cough I can sometimes feel the pain as well. Today I slept with my boyfriend and it hurt then as well. Maybe it's an organ down there? I currently have bacterial vaginosis which I'm going to the doctors about tomorrow, I don't know, maybe it's something to do with that. Can anyone help me?

I also have another question. I recently went the doctors about the type of hymen I have which was a Septate Hymen which means it ran through the middle rather than around it. It was broken recently and I've noticed that when I'm sleeping with my boyfriend I can feel something hurting towards the entrance or something being pushed down and I was thinking that it was because of my broken hymen. Can anyone help me with that as well?

Sorry about the questions, I'm just really needing some help. Thank you x