I am 38 with 2 children (5 and 8) and I've had chronic health issues since I was 16 years old. I have had severe menstrual migraines that are worse with stress and food triggers...and over the years they have changed. Most recently, I had about 25 botox injections all over my skull and in all these years...that is what helped the most. I didn't take a relpax tablet from Nov 17-February 29th of this year! Yeah me, right?
Backing up a bit...I also have degenerative disc disease which also began in my early adulthood and it not only affects L3/L4/L5 and S1 but C1 and C2 as well. With rhizotomy and facet injections and about $5,000 per year in massages-I get by ok. I have my good days and my bad days.
Just recently, however, the botox is wearing off and my migraines have been out of control. Last Fri and Saturday morning, I immediately woke up with vomitting and the excruciating pain behind my eyes and in my temples that only lots of relpax and phenergyn take care of. They got so bad by Monday that I ended up in the emergency room and all they kep pumping me full of was dilodid (sp?) and toradol which really only masks the pain and doesn't take it away. They completely ignored the fact that I told them my cheek felt a little weird and my fingers were tingling because, after a CT scan--everything came back negative.
Rewind-I've also had a racing heart (resting heart rate when I wake up in the morning could be as high as 90!) and I get out of breath really quickly. I am irritable and I feel feverish a lot of the time. It will be 100.1 one day and 97.4 the next.
So they refer me back to my PCP and my neurologist and meanwhile, the werid feeling in my cheek has turned into numbness from my forehead down to my fingers on my left side with NO drooping and all functions in tact. I had about 25 blood tests done yesterday to check my thryoid, lyme disease, glucose levels, vitamin D, cbc...you name it. I also had a sono of my thyroid done yesterday and the doctor called me tonight and said they found two nodules that looked benign and one other "suspect mass that looks un-cyst-like" What the heck? Should I be scared?
I also have an MRI of my brain and my neck on Sunday. But from all I've read on the forums--these tests may not tell me anything to explain these symptoms.
Anyone got any ideas? My friend said something about the trigenital nerve or something like that to explain the numbness. But what about the "suspect mass?" I do know that in the emergency room, my white blood and red blood cell counts came back ok so I guess I shouldn't be worried about cancer or something, right?
I know it is a lot but I've ready some other posts that have numbness and shortness of breath so maybe it is all related to the thyroid and not my disc issues. I think it is a big coincidence that it all happened together. People are trying to blame it all on stress. Like I made my body do this or something! It is frustrating to say the least.