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For a few days now I cannot sit comfortably because of this pain. I was putting a treatment for babies on it. That did not work. Embarrassing! I cannot see it in a mirror so I felt it. It feels like there might be a little tear but the lump feels movable . I have been putting neosprin with pain relief on it. Do you think it needs surgery?


Hey Caliworth,

unfortunately I cannot tell if you need surgery or not. But, if it is something painful, you have to go see a doctor. Don't be embarrassed by anything. My cousin is a doctor and, unless you have a beer bottle stuck up your bottom (it did happen to him on an A.E. - emergency room - shift), it is a very common thing! :-)

I had hemorrhoids and had them removed ten days ago. My post is here:

If you need any help - even if it is moral support to go to the doctor! - please let me know.

Again, don't be embarassed. These things happen to ALL of us. Just because it is in an area we dont often expose to people, it doesn't mean it won't be an area where people will have a disease. As a matter of fact, chances are we will have MORE!!! :-D

Trust me on this one, don't be embarassed! Lots of love.