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well i posted here before but i have another question... alot of times i notice my heartbeat sometimes it feels pounding. sometimes its pretty rapid from barely doing anything. are these palpatations? i have never felt my heart skip or anything though... i have had an EKG and a holter moniter for a day and they both came back fine. but could these still be palpatations? and what is causing my dizziness? and when i exercize i get very tired from not very strenuous work and my heart rate takes a while to go down. help?


Here are some of the definitions of palpitations, so you could understand them better.

“A palpitation is an awareness of the beating of the heart, whether it is too slow, too fast, or at its normal frequency; brought on by overexertion, alcohol, disease or drugs, or as a symptom of panic disorder. “

“A sensation of pounding or fluttering in the chest.”

“A term often used to describe an irregular heart beat, or the sensation of skipped or extra heart beats.”

The dizziness may go along with the palpitations but not necessarily. Palpitations usually last for a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. Have you had your thyroid hormones checked?

Has your doctor suggested counseling? What about your drug? How long has it been you’re on them?
Is there no sign of an improvement?
You may want to ask your doctor to explain to you how to stop your palpitations by using some of the physical maneuvers that could slow your pulse without medication.

A change in diet could be helpful as well.

Getting tired after practice is normal, palpations are also normal but if they’re causing troubles, then they are not. The question is if you can see the difference! If you feel dizzy after light practice, that should be good.

However, different people see and feel things differently and our perceptions of pain and other things are also different. So, what is a lot to you, it could be normal to someone else.