hi, i am a 32 year old male and i have been getting heart palpatations latley. The first time i got them was last March after being dormant for the entire winter with a broken wrist, i played in a fast paced hockey game, although i did not get any palpations during the game about 45-1 hour later i got a couple of loud boom like palpations. I did nt think to much of at time. Later on that month I was on Vactaction in Fort Lauderdale i experenced similar palpations that lasted about 3 hours( i checked into brown county hospital after some blood work and tests i was released) and it was chaulked up as to much to drink, to much sun, ect. I Can't help but think that they are related being that i never had a palpation before that day. It got better for a while but i would ocasonally get palpations but not the hard heavy beats like before more like a skip beat or a pause, they would mostly ocour after heavy cardio excercise, except recently i got a heavy heart beat with a squishy sound during a game it only lasted about 15 seconds and seemed to have no other effects other than causing some anxiety. sometimes they occour for no reason at all, besides exercise i have been tring to narrow down what causes them or triggers them, so far the only things that i have notticed is a strong relation to upset stomach, blouting, and large soft bowel bowel movement. I have had a stress test, a holter, ekg, and a heart ultra sound.The holter did reveal 3 pvc that i was told not to worry about.how ever when i got the holter it was during the time when it was hardley acting up. Like most other people who have had this problem it causes a great amount of concearn any advice or education that can be offered would be a great help.