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I’m 57 years old and I have problems with heart almost 7 years now. All my life I was very healthy and didn’t have any symptoms but, as I said, it all started seven years ago. It started with heart palpatations during my walks or climbing to stairs.
First, I felt only unpleasant palpations but later, beside palpations I felt strong pain. All of those were indication for operation. Doctor said that I suffer from cardiac ischemia and that I need bypass on my heart. Operation went well and I felt great ‘till the other day when I felt palpatations again but this time, I did nothing. It was in my sleep.
Do I need one more surgery? Please help!


Palpatations don’t mean surgery for all cause. Doctor is using much more information’s when he decides to perform a surgery such as EKG, echocardiogram, auscultations and other…
Palpatations are the sensation of a rapidly or irregularly beating heart and having them does not mean anything. You know that palpatations in some situations are normal like after: using too much caffeine (coffee, tea, and sodas), nicotine, diet pills, and after use of medications such as decongestants. I don’t know do you use any of this but if you do- then palpatations are completely normal.
In some patients with palpatations, no heart disease or abnormal heart rhythms can be found so it represents quite a mystery!
Probably you’ll not need another operation just avoid overuse of stimulants, such as cigarettes or caffeine-containing coffee, tea, or soda.