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Im 21 years quit smoking for a konth after 7 years, used to take cocaine, cannabis, ecstacy not much but any is too much. Anyway recently i have all sorts of heart worries palpitations, cold hands and feet, my heart is slower at night and in the morning. i have pain on the left side of my chest exactly were my heart is. Sometime my heart feels slow but with hard beets. Apart from that i have the feeling like i cant get enough air and stomach pains. Please help i am suffering bad with the anxiety...thanks.


Hey Roger. From what you have told us here, I can say for certain that you have tried pretty much every drug out there.Even though you haven't taken it in some serious amounts, as you are saying, there is still a possibility that it made some kind of sickness, and we are talking about a strong possibility. We might be talking about anemic cold feet, but since you are feeling a pain in your abdomen, you could have developed a heart disease or some kind of flaw and that's really bad. Please, see a professional about this as soon as possible.