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since my son has be born i have permanantly had cold feet. even in the bath they dont seem to warm up. i wear 2-3 pairs of socks and my shoes dont warm my feet. my feet go tingly at times mainly when im sat on the toilet they go numb aswell, but i dont sit on them. i have tried using a hot water bottle but that doesnt work either, when i put my feet in the bath it feels like someone is sticking needles in them. im in agony when this happens. i dont want to go to the doctors unless i have to so ive been putting it off i have developed alot of dry skin on my toes and tried using e45 and other mouisterisers on themn but it doesnt seem to be working. do you have any clues to what i should do?


Hey to you. Have you gone to see your doctor since you gave birth to your son at all? Because we might be talking here about anemic cold feet and that could explain the cold feet thing. You shouldn't be in agony because it is all often and normal but what you should do is see someone about this issue. You should go and make an appointment and see for yourself what is the issue with your feet because it isn't quite normal to wear two to three pairs of socks and still be cold. Let us know what happened.



Several questions with this!

1. Are you overweight?
2. Did you have a Grade Tear - when you delivered your son?
3. If you had a C-Section was a it a Bikini cut or an emergency?
4. Do you have any back pain?
5. Do you have trouble breathing?
6. Is it in both feet and equally in both feet?
7. How big was your bundle of joy?!