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when the weather starts getting cold ,my hands and feet are always cold,what can i do about this


I'll get to a couple of other things, but not being funny, that's why they invented gloves and warm boots.

We are not designed to survive in anything but mild weather, in a relatively narrow range. Losing body heat drains us. You have two body heat systems - core (head down to groin), and extremities (arms, hands, feet, legs).

Lose your hands and feet, and you're alive. Lose your core and you're dead - so your body will sacrifice hands and feet to stay 'warm' at the core - hence frostbite. If your body said 'warm hands at all costs' you'd die but you'd have a warm hand as you died.

So hands and feet will always be the first things to get cold, and gloves and warm shoes are simply there for a reason.


Now for the less-cold hands and feet.

Again, two sytems at least for warmth: blood, and energy, and so as not to disturb you (or science) let's call energy the nervous system.

For blood, which ties in with skin, almost a system in itself, the combination is like a radiator, or central heating: the hotter and faster the blood flow, the warmer your hands will feel. There's a feedback loop, as soon as your hands and feet start to feel cold, and your body notices you're losing heat, your body will conserve heat (like it conserves fat to protect against starvation) by closing up capillaries, reducing blood flow, so hands and feet get colder still.

Exercise, being fitter, increasing your metabolism all increase blood flow, hence the short term fix of jumping and waving your hands.

Also food: since sugar (essentiallY) gets burned for fuel, and fuel as its name suggests keeps you warm, eat well, and drink hot drinks - the less work your body has to do, the more energy it can devote to keeping you warm - if you're already hot, you're less likely to get cold.

Warmer clothes NOT gloves or shoes: same again, if the core is nice and toasty, more energy is available to heat the 'optional' hands and feet.


Now the weird stuff: believe this or not, entirely up to you.

You have a nervous system. The chinese would also say you have a system of Chi or energy meridians. The indians would say you have energy centres or chakras. A lot of people take that for granted, and energy means warmth, so cultivate your chi (chi kung, tai chi), acupuncture, healing, reiki, take your pick, experiment, or just read a good new age book - see what helps.

Last thought: do like the swimmers, coat them in grease: not very pleasant, or practical, but products such as Deep Heat may help.

Main thing to remember: it may be a nuisance, but it's your body looking after you - you need your face more than you need your hands. (Which reminds me: wear a hat - 70% or your body heat or more is lost through your head - the less you lose, the warmer you are, the more energy is available to heat your extremities - hands and feet).