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Okay. For starters I just turned 21, I'm not overweight or anything. I'm 5'7" and weigh 110lbs. I went to the doctor a little over a year ago and he found that my heart rate was really high 130s. He put a monitor on me to monitor my heart rate, which showed times were i was resting and my heart beating as high as 172. So he thought that maybe I had SVT. He put me on some meds to try to slow my heart rate. I've taken Atenolol, verapamil, and im not sure of the other one, but i know I tried both a calcium blocker and a beta blocker. So he sent me to a cardiologist, who said that i indeed had SVT and that since none of the medications i've tried were working for me he sent me to a cardiologist that specializes in electrical problems with the heart. That doctor told me that my heart was fine and didn't even make me an appt to come back. So I told my family doctor what he had said and he didn't agree and said he was going to have that cardiologist fax him a statement, it's been months now and the electro-cardiologist has never faxed him anything even though he's sent him a lot of faxes wanting a statement. I also had tests that showed up that my potassium level was really low (not sure if that matters anywhere). But here is where Im sitting as of now. A few months ago my doctor thinks I've developed a panic disorder as well as SVT because of some other problems I've been having. He tried me on pretty much ALL medications for them as well.. I've taken Wellbutrin, Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, and numerous others. My doctor even told me he's tried me on everything that he can for them but nothing helps. I wont deny that maybe I have panic attacks but I've went to 3 cardiologist and all of them can't give me a straight answer on what is wrong with my heart. So when it hurts yes i panic now. I didn't have panic disorder when i first started having my other heart problems (palpitations and such).. but I have been reading about panic disorders a lot in the past few months . I just want to know what is wrong with me, but Im not so sure that , that is what i have now. So here are my symptoms.. I get a really bad pain in the back of my head, im guessing it's what it would feel like if you were having an aneurism or something, but with this pain i can't see very well (lasts maybe 15-30seconds). My thumbs on both hands go numb all the time throughout the day. I have muscle spasms in my legs and arms, as well as a weird feeling in my neck on my left side (kind of like a jerking feeling, pulls my head to the left) happens a lot throughout the day. I get really dizzy a lot and have problems breathing. My blood veins on my arms, neck, and face bulge a lot and burn. I get red blotchy spots on my arms, legs, and feet when my blood veins on them get a burning feeling, and my hands and feet turn a purplish blue color. My fingers and hands shake all the time now as well as i have muscle spasms all the time. My face and the back of my head goes numb a lot. I'm also having problems talking (my voice shakes). Aside from my chest pains and palpitations, irregular heartbeats :-(.. I can't sleep anymore very well because of some of these. I'm at the end of my rope. Please someone help me or give me some advice of what i should do. Aside from none of the medicines never working for me or improving anything I just dont know what it could be =/


Hi Crystal,

I am so sorry that you are having to go through such things.

Listen, I think you should find another doctor, It sounds like your doctor is not being assertive enough to find out answers. Keep looking for another doctor, but in the meantime, let you doctor know of the other problems you are going through right now.

Word of humble advice from a worry wart. Dont worry about things where they stand right now. You dont have any answers yet. Tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

I am not in your situation, so I dont know ALL that you are facing, but I do know that when you dont let the worry "take over" all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you have the upper hand.

See, no matter what the outcome, if you put the worry behind you, you have a FAR GREATER ability to focus on things that need to get done, like getting another doctor and finding out the true answer. You have energy that is spent finding an answer.....not energy spent (from worry) drianing and robbing your body of the focus, sleep and ability it has.

Your body is a miraculous gift, you know. My sister went through the palpitations in her heart and was concerned. It turned out they found out that she had "extra scar tissue" causing the heart to misfire. It was corrected IMMEDIATELY and VERY simply and she was out and about on her way.


I went through a SERIOUS foot injury and 6 hours 11 screws and a plate to rebuild my foot, only to have the posssibility 3 months later of having my foot amputated. Still in physical therapy now. Well, the worry consumed me until I decided to put the worry where it belongs and focus on what I needed to.

You will be in my prayers. Keep your chin up sweetie, ok.

If you need to post anymore to me, please DONT hesitate. I will answer as quick as I can. He is with you.