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Hello folks. I have been dealing with this chest tightness ( and sometimes shooting pains ) for over a year now. my symptoms include chest tightness and a sensation I cannot say is always pain but can be. It is hard to describe. I usually feel it the most after a night of heavy drinking and if I smoked any cigarettes that night it will make it worse. I smoke very rarely. This sensation deminishes every following day after drinking however will not every go away. I also get this chest discomfort during exercise. I experience it just at the bottom left of my sernum and over all of my left chest. and occasionally in my right chest.

The other sensation i feel is a pain directly between my shoulder blades. This is not tightness, it is generally always painful and discomforting and will seem to increase with exercise.

Relief from the chest discomfort is a very rare event. And I have only gone a handful of days this past year without there being no sensation at all in my chest.

I am on no prescription medications and I do not do drugs. My diet is heavy with spicy foods, alcohol and soda. for daily meals I eat alot of subway, and chipolte. I never go to wendys mcdonalds or any other major fast food burger places.


Medical history:


no heart disease in my family. Some hypertension ( no one has ever died of a heart attack )

Extreme anxiety has surfaced from the onset of this chest tightness but has gotten better

I have had a nuclear stress test preformed

Dozens of EKGs

some acupuncture which did not help

deep tissue massages help a little bit

An ectocardiogram

two stress tests

worn a holter monitor for 2 days with no arrythmias

a body scan

and a cat scan of my chest.


all results were normal.

I am desperate for help because the doctors do not know what is going on.



Hello, Guest.  If the doctor has ran so many tests on you, especially heart exams, then we should rule out any cardiac issues.  There are many other things that can cause chest tightness.  The most common are asthma, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease like emphysema.  Gastroesophageal reflux disease is rare but may cause symptoms because of the acidity in the stomach burning the esophagus causing the sensation of chest tightness.  Of course, anxiety can cause this as well.  I hope you find out what it could be.  Since you drink a lot, perhaps it is causing the gastroesophageal disease to occur.

Has anyone else had these symptoms and if so, what was it?



Thank you for your reply.


I have experienced this EXACT pain and tightness on the left side for the past 7 YEARS with only a handful of days where I didn't notice the pain.
I have done countless research and I can't find anything in regards to this but I do find a lot of forums with other sufferers.
My pain started as a pain in my left breast immediately after my milk dried up after giving birth to my son (I did not breastfeed) and it got progressively worse and worse and spread to the entire left chest area, left shoulder and neck area and even lower down on my ribs.
Craziest thing is, I also experience the pain in the middle of my shoulder blades that you describe and this pain presented not too long after the chest pain.
Please let me know if you have found anything more out ! I have been suffering for 7 years and counting!