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I went horse riding at the weekend and felt an uncomfortable, rubbing sensation around my vagina. I went to the loo afterwards and it hurt to pee, i then noticed a stop of blood in my pants. Being a 15 year old girl, and not having had sex, i thought my hymen could have broken (because i had been told that horse riding can do) I had a shower afterwards, and the area was extremely sensitive to touch. I later discovered that my hymen had not torn but the lips around the vagina (i think called labia) were red. All around this area, and around the clitoris is raw and the skin seems to be peeling off. I am really worried, and have no idea what this is. As i said before, i have never had sex but have given and recieved oral sex, is it an infection? Is there anything i can do to soothe the pain? Will it just go away.

Please, if you have any advice, tell me.
Thankyou very very much.
Sophie x


I have the same exact problem minus the peeling part. I know that I only get this extreme pain from riding because I have extra skin and it pinches when i hit the saddle. So I believe we really cant fix this without surgery. It should go away after a day or so. However if you have peeling dry skin that could be an infection so I would go see a doctor. It might also be because you could have what is called VSS it is a medical condition. I would see a doctor.