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Hi, I'm Drew, I have random peeling on my fingers. At first my mom thought it was from texting to much, cause it was only on my thumbs, but now it has gotten to other fingers. It causes no pain itchiness, or redness. Though it seems to get worse. Is there something wrong or is this normal? Do I keep peeling or ignore it and let it be and heal or go to a doctor?



There are many reasons why skin will peel on fingers.  Usually this is a temporary situation and will go away on its own.  You may have eczema, dry skin or allergies.  Sometimes it can be due to the fact that the air is cold and finger peeling in the winter is common.  You may have come in contact with something your are allergic to for example, some form of perfume or dye or other chemical.  For the moment, I would wash the area with antibacterial soap with no dyes or perfumes in it and apply a moisturizer such as Ponds cold cream or perhaps Noxema.  Try this for a few days to a week and see if it doesn't clear up.  If it gets worse then go to the doctor.