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I'm posting for my girlfriend (20 yrs old) and i realize this isn't really a guys place so I'm sorry if I offend anyone!

OK, my hon's period is 7-8 days late and we're quite worried. We always have protected sex ( I'm talking about how careful we are, not how often), she is not on birth control, and her cycle is longer than the 28 day norm.

Awhile earlier this month she did have intense pain inside her abdomen when urinating but that went away after a few days ( 4 or 5?). She had some cramping during the day she should have started and has had a "cottage cheese" like discharge with no itching or odor, so yeast infection is ruled out (?). Her breast are in pain as well.

Now she told me that she has a yellowish discharge, not heavy or anything.

Here is some more info- This month she got back from a 3 month vacation and now she lives on her own and is under major stress! Her diet has changed to a one or two a day versus much more and she is sleeping less.

She also has a new roommate so maybe their cycles are coming together?

Any help would be cherished!


I think she probably has a yeast infection there is no smell with that. only itching, soreness, swollen, redness, and white or yellow discharge. but if her breasts are sore either she is probably about to start or could be pregnant