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Hi so about a month ago i noticed that i was having a HUGE increase in discharge (watery) and as time as gone on its just gotten worse. The inside of my vagina itches really badly and as does the external and the clitoris. I am a virgin but I have recieved oral before the itching. It DOESNT hurt when I pee. The discharge is not a cottage cheese looking substance so I don't think its a yeast infection?  Also I have been scratching some parts with a qtip and even with a little pressure it starts to bleed a little and so some of my discharge will have a little blood in it. I don't know if this is happening because its dry or not, but I'm pretty sure it is from SOME type of infection. Bacterial Vaginosis? Chlylamidia? What could it be? My mom knows but she doesnt want to take me to see a gyno yet. Thanks in advance :)


honey i'm not sure how old you are ,? but 1 thing i do know it sounds like yeast. a simple start is a yogurt a day keeps the yeast away. But you really should get some cream from like cvs . Most important  you really should see a dr. there are alot of private teen programs where you can get educated abuot ways to protect your self,get tested,counceling. where your parents don't have to know a thing all very private and confidential. you should take care of it soon could cuase problems later like sterilazation cancer and other icky stuff. goood luck