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My boyfriend and I recently had sex but we used a condum. I was supossed to get my period 3 days ago and its still not here. I have been having a lot of yellowish discharge recently also. Is it possible I could be pregnant or could there be another reason for my late period? Am I being worried too soon?


There could be numerous reasons for a late period that have absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy. I recently had a pregnancy scare because my period was four days late, and I was freaking myself out even though the condom did not break and there was no semen involved. I concluded that my period was late due to great stress during the time my period was supposed to begin.

Are you a teenager, or in your twenties? If you are still young, it's typical for your periods to be a little strange. If you're of college age, your body is going to be preparing for childbirth whether or not you want it to, and this will mean fluctuations in your cycles. A missed period could be any number of things, like:

- A hormone flux (too much of one thing or too little of another - common and nothing to lose sleep over)

- Changes in the diet

- Exercise

- Late/lack of ovulation (also nothing horrible)

- Stress

The yellowish discharge can be a sign of an imminent period, but it could also be a signal of something like a yeast infection. Although it's easier said than done, I would advise you to try your best to relax. If the condom did not break or fall off, I think your chances of pregnancy are very nil. If you do not get your period this month, try not to stress it. As I had said, a missing period could be the result of many things. If you miss two periods in a row and start feeling things like nausea, or you gain weight for no reason, you should probably speak to your doctor.