I have always had a "regular irregular" period - as in my cycles would range between 30-40 days. I was on birth control for about 2 years and I have been off it for 4 years now. It took my body some time to regulate and I have very long cycles. The past few months my period has been pretty regular and would come around the expected time. January 2017 - I got my period from the 16th to the 20th and it was a normal period. THEN - I got my period again on Jan 30th. 10 days later. Which is very abnormal for me. I've never had a period immediately after one. I didn't know if this was ovulation blood or another period? I did have unprotected sex 2X on this "second period" (If I got pregnant that would be okay). I have cramps, headaches, I feel nauseous on and off (all things associated with a normal period). It's not heavy bleeding it started out a mixture of dark and light pink... then it became bright red. There's never much on the tampon. It's more of a watery bright red. There seems to be a lot when we have sex but after when I wipe its still a light red, like it was watered down. Idk? Do you think the probability of me getting pregnant is high? My husband doesn't think so because he thinks I just have another period... which means low to no chance of pregnancy. Because had I not got my "second period" it would have been the time of the month where I'm most fertile. Should I take a test? Or is it normal to have another period again 10 days after the last?